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SmartWire® Offers Labor Savings

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We've saved over 80 hours of installation time.

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  • “The RackPack system has provided a tremendous labor savings. Being able to do vertical pulls out of the top PerfectPull Tear Way opening allowed for much easier installs than some of the other boxes we have used from competitors.”
  • “For the job at the US Marshal he told me it was going to take 3 people to pull the wire, but he was able to do it by himself using the RackTrak and it was 32 wires.”

  • “While we have always been impressed with the quality and labeling of your cable, the RackPack system has revolutionized our trade and earned the respect and thanks of our CWA Cable Installers and IBEW Electricians.”
  • “The ability to have our technician move 3,000' of cable by himself without having to set up and break down the cable at each location saved us substantial time on the install.”
  • “The RackPack system has exceeded my expectations. To date I have purchased over one million feet of wire packed in this product, substantial labor savings have resulted in its use. In trying economic times, I need every advantage I can get to stay profitable.”
  • “All of our security projects are done with SmartWire Cable … We won’t buy from anyone else!”

  • “Once we outfitted our install teams with the various transportation devices and began utilizing their RackPack Field Systems Solution the productivity gains we began to see were unlike anything else we have ever experienced. This solution and these RackPack boxes make a positive difference in our business on every installation!”
  • “The exact words from my foreman on the job, when he returned to the shop that afternoon were: ‘I only want to see Windy City boxes of wire in our inventory from now on!’ ”
  • “Of all the things we have experimented with, the one change that stands out is your RackPack Field Systems Solution. Since we were introduced to your unique cable system and we have never looked back. We purchase 99% of all our cable from Windy City Wire. We are very pleased with your product.”
  • “More reliable, more efficient pulls. We’ve used many brands of cable in the past … Windy City Wire RackPacks are now our standard!”

  • “We have been doing business with Windy City Wire for over 10 years now and we have been extremely satisfied with your services and products, especially the RackPack box. We have used many different types of vendors in the past and none come close to your company’s quality and convenience. Thank you again for recommending this product as it has been a lifesaver to our establishment.”
  • “We like the sturdiness of the RackPack boxes and SmartWire because it is an American made product!”

  • “RackPacks are the way to go. Will not allow spooled cables onsite after using the RackPacks.
    We pull 200,000 + feet of wire annually, all RackPacked!”

  • “A very well designed product. We tested the system in a local hospital and saw an 18% savings that amounted to approximately $8,000. Pulling cable can be 40% of the labor in a typical project. Using the RackStak can be a competitive advantage for Red Hawk.”
  • “Thank you for coming up with a cabling system where we can save time and resources in a safe manner!”
  • “With Windy City Wire’s cabling system, we were able to have one technician transport 20K feet of cable from the truck to the building in one trip, effectively reducing this task by 75%. Two guys using this system can accomplish the work of three using traditional methods. This thing is great!!”
  • “Since using your “system” of the RackPack boxes we have reduced our installation labor by 15%. Thanks for developing a great product!”
  • “The ease of use of SmartWire is phenomenal. With SmartWire, my guys can efficiently leave the pull-boxes and use a simple pulley hung in the ceiling to pull major runs. This cuts my labor down significantly. SmartWire is a great product and I anticipate using your solution for all my large-scale wiring needs.”

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