What is SmartWire® Cable Management?

SmartWire®, created by Windy City Wire, is much more than wire!

It's a tape measure, a toner, a tester, a label… it's a time saver! Below is a list of features to show you how low-voltage integrators throughout the country have used SmartWire cable management products to reduce time spent isolating, identifying, labeling and terminating cables.

The Six Features of SmartWire® Cables:

  1. Ascending/Descending Sequential Foot Markings
  2. System Specific Print Legend
  3. Application Specific Print Legend
  4. Alphanumeric Coding System Designation
  5. Colors
  6. Rip Cords

More SmartWire® Info

  1. Numbering Scheme Tips
    When you need to identify multidigit addresses, Windy City Wire recommends that you utilize the ladder method marking scheme.
  2. Marking Your Cable
    Windy City Wire recommends that you use Sharpie® ultra fine point markers on our cable jackets.
  3. Build Your Own Plan
    Create a job plan that will save you more time and more money on every installation.

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