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SmartWire System Design Tool® Overview

The SmartWire System Design Tool is the industry's state-of-the-art, patented technology. It allows for one person to design and create a low-voltage installation scheme in minutes, saving their organization time and money.

The Ultimate Cable Management Tool!

The new cable management technology enables its users to identify applications, apply devices, pick cables, identify locations, and create a marking and labeling scheme with a few short clicks on the website. The Windy City Wire sales professionals and staff are creating the job plans for their clients or allowing the clients to build their own job plans at their own convenience. When an order is made using the System Design Tool, all cable boxes and spools arrive with a scheme to identify the applications, devices, locations and addresses needed to complete each individual job. Customers can also create customized labels as well using the System Design Tool. Windy City Wire has created training seminars to keep all technicians up to date with the latest cable management technology.

The SmartWire System Design Tool® enables you to:

  • Identify your applications
  • Apply your devices
  • Pick your SmartWire cables
  • Identify every location where cable needs to be pulled
  • Estimate length for each location pull
  • Create an address for each location
  • Create a marking/labeling scheme
  • Create an “On-the-Fly” PDF of your job plan
  • Order your cabling requirements directly from the System Design Tool module


Custom Design Scheme Labels

As an added convenience to you, Windy City Wire can also create cable labels for you based on the custom design scheme you have developed for your job. These labels will ship with the cable and be ready for application by your technicians at the job site. Just another innovation Windy City Wire has developed to save you time and money!


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