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“G.J. Hopkins, Inc. Has been in the Temperature Controls business since 1995. I have been in charge of this department since the beginning. In those 16 years we have tried all different ways and means to install cable faster and with less labor. Of all the things we have experimented with the one change that stands out is your RackPack cable carton system. As I have said before, originally we would not use anything but spools. Our Technicians would pick over a box of a cable until they had used it. Then you introduced us to your unique cable on a spool in a box system and we have never looked back. Now, that is the only cable I purchase unless I am forced to use another manufacturer by the project specifications. We purchase 99% of all our cable from Windy City Wire. We are very pleased with your product.” Gregory A. Walters, Technology Div. Manager, G.J. Hopkins, Inc.
“The RackPack system has been a tremendous labor savings in our installs over the last two years, that we have been using the system.  Having the side holes in the boxes has allowed us to interlock the cable together and lock into the RackPack cart that we have been supplied with on each of our service trucks. Being able to do vertical pulls out of the top PerfectPull Tear Way opening allowed for much easier installs than some of the other boxes we have used from competitors.” John Joback, President, Advanced Communication Network Solutions
“When Windy City Wire initially showed us their RackPack the first thing we noticed was a two handled box that had holes on both sides. Prior to that time we had not ever before seen wire dispensed in this type of package. We were introduced to how the boxes were linked to their specific transportation devices through the insertion of the rack rods that they supply with their devices. Once we outfitted our install teams with the various transportation devices and began utilizing their RackPack Field Systems Solution the productivity gains we began to see were unlike anything else we have ever experienced.

This solution and these RackPack boxes make a positive difference in our business on every installation!” Convergint Technologies
“Intelli-Tec Security Services has been doing business with Windy City Wire for over 10 years now and we have been extremely satisfied with your services and products, especially the RackPack box. Your PackPacks have had many positive effects on our company; they have saved us money on labor costs and have made installations more efficient. In addition, the RackPack boxes have made our technicians very happy by making it easier to pull and set up wire with the hole in the center of the box and multiple knockouts. We have used many different types of vendors in the past and none come close to your company’s quality and convenience. Thank you again for recommending this product as it has been a lifesaver to our establishment.” Adam Bisogno, Warehouse Manager, Intelli-Tec Security Services, LLC
“My installers tell me that the ease of use of SmartWire is phenomenal. Even with our old properly utilized wire racks and carts, we were forever running back to reels to untangle wire loops that would inevitably fall off the sides of new rolls of wire. With SmartWire, my guys can efficiently leave the pull-boxes and use a simple pulley hung in the ceiling to pull major runs. This cuts my labor down significantly. Also, I can now send a single guy to do a wire pull and expect that he will be able to manage the cabling and not spend the bulk of his time running back and forth, tending reels. The footage and cable markers on the wire are very convenient. My guys don’t have to do the wire calculations. SmartWire is a great product and I anticipate using your solution for all my large-scale wiring needs.” John D. Raymond, Vice President, Zaiser Communications Companies
"Thank you for allowing us to try the new RackStak cable management system. It is a very well designed product. It allows us to manage a large number of cable boxes and in most cases can be used by one person. The system is helpful when staging the cable    and also when pulling from multiple boxes. We were especially impress by the way the boxes can be linked together by inserting a rod through the boxes. This combined with the second hole in the box makes this system very unique. We tested the system in a local hospital and saw an 18 percent savings that amounted to approx. $8000. Pulling cable can be 40% of the labor in a typical project. Using the RackStak can be a competitive advantage for Red Hawk. We look forward to using the product on all of our upcoming jobs and would recommend it to any one who works with large amounts of cable." Mike Gordon, Red Hawk, A UTC Fire & Security Company
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