SmartWire Glide Technology

Windy City Wire takes your productivity to new heights with our SmartWire Glide Technology, by reducing your pulling friction up to 70%.

Windy City Wire introduces SmartWire Glide Technology, the off-the-shelf pre-lubricated wire and cable product that decreases your labor cost by increasing your cable pulling productivity and efficiency.

Windy City Wire's, SmartWire Glide Technology is a high performance liquid, cable pulling lubricant designed specifically for circuit size THHN, TFFN, low-voltage and communication cable installations. The lubricant is applied during the manufacturing process, which means the vast majority of our off-the-shelf Smartwire® cables will include Glide Technology at no additional cost.

SmartWire Glide Lubricant has low viscosity as it coats and clings to the entire cable jacket. This non-staining lubricant produces a low coefficient of friction on low-voltage and communication cable jacket materials that reduces pulling friction by up to 70%.

A key feature of SmartWire Glide Technology is that it continues to reduce friction after it has dried. The residue that remains is that of a thin, slippery film that retains lubricity for months after use. It conforms to the physical and performance requirements of Telcordia Standard, TR-NWT-002811, Generic Requirements for Cable Placing Lubricants. It does not contain solvents and does not have a flash point.

High Performance Data Cables

Windy City Wire's, SmartWire Glide Technology is also used to enhance our line of SmartWire high performance data cables.

Windy City Wire's, SmartWire Glide Technology shows dramatic friction reduction in data cable installations. Data cable pulled through EMT conduit with two 90° bends and a back tension of 14 lbs.

Coefficient of Friction – Data Cable in EMT Conduit

SmartWire Glide Technology
Windy City Wire's, SmartWire Glide Technology reduces friction by 70%.



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