Safety Matters

Windy City Wire wants to help you increase your job site safety by pulling SmartWire® cables enhanced with SmartWire Glide Technology® in our patented RackPack® utilizing the patented RackPack Field Systems Solution.
We believe proper utilization of our patented RackPack Field Systems Solution will minimize your exposure to the following “compensated” job site insurance claims.
1. Work-related Musculoskeletal injuries of the upper body (neck, back and arms)
2. Falls at the same level – slips, trips and falls on flat surfaces
3. Struck by/against – impacting a part of the body against something
    or hit by a moving flying object

Work-related Musculoskeletal Injuries

Lifting and moving boxes and spools of wire is a job site reality, unfortunately this makes injuries related to these tasks a reality as well.

RackPacks facilitate proper lifting techniques, because the two handles located at the top-side of the RackPack work directly with the “racketeer” creating a uniformed structure that distributes the weight in a balanced manner when being lifted. Incorporate our RackStak and RackTrak transporters with the use of our RackPack cartons and the risk of injuries associated with the repetitive lifting of spools and boxes is significantly reduced.

The RackPack Field Systems Solution minimizes exposure to ergonomic injuries, which according to the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), is the number one cause of worker injury. The RackStak and RackTrak provide handles that are located in a good power zone for pushing or pulling, thus helping to minimize injuries of this nature.

RackPacks when secured to a RackStak or RackTrak make pulling cable significantly easier, add the element of SmartWire Glide and the chance of reducing job site injuries related to this task can be significantly lowered.

• Reducing stress on the hands, arms, shoulders and back
• Reducing excessive exertion while pulling
• Reducing repetitive motions and unsafe posture
• Reducing the force required to pull the cable(s)

Falls at the same level

RackPacks properly secured to one of our transporting devices can:
• Eliminate single boxes or spools scattered around a job site
• Eliminate tripping hazard of racketeers set up on the floor
• Eliminate dangerous makeshift spool supports

By eliminating these potential hazards on your job sites, you are instantly improving your team’s level of safety helping to decrease the chances of slips, trips and falls.

Struck by/against

Anytime you pull a box or spool that is unsecured you risk that object becoming a projectile, which can lead to serious injury. Protect your technicians from this hazard by always properly securing your RackPack cartons to one of our transporting devices.

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