Product Overview

Windy City Wire has developed not just a new carton, not just a wire cart but, a patented cable management system that is unparalleled in the industry. This system provides tangible solutions and added value at nearly every stage of the cable installation process … from concept to completion.

The RackPack®

  • Free spinning reel inside box allows
    for tangle free pulling
  • Unique design allows for vertical pulls
  • Uniform, compact box design
RackPack Product Video

The MegaPack

  • Accommodates up to 6 spools of cable
  • Custom cable combinations for your installations
  • 100% Recyclable
MegaPack Product Video

The SmartWire iTag®

  • Item specific label created for all RackPacks
    and MegaPacks ordered
  • Completely, customizable to fit your job criteria
  • Increases productivity and efficiency in the field
SmartWire iTag Video

The Peel-N-Go Wire Tag

  • 4 Peel-N-Go Wire Tags come standard
    on each RackPack
  • 12 Peel-N-Go Wire Tags can be requested
    for larger installations
  • Windy City Wire can pre print the labels per your project specs or leave them blank allowing installers the ability to hand write custom labels on-the-fly as they make their pulls.
Peel-N-Go Wire Tag Video

The Grab-N-Go


  • Compact, lightweight and hand-held
  • It can accommodate up to 3 RackPack
    boxes or 1 MegaPack
  • Perfect for small-scale installations
    and service work
Grab-N-Go Product Video

The RackStak®


  • Durable, lightweight and collapsible
  • Move and pull 6,000+ feet of cable
  • Easily maneuvers up or down stairs and in
    cramped installation environments
  RackStak Product Video

The RackTrak®


  • Durable, lightweight and compact
  • Move and pull 12,000+ feet of cable
  • Provides technicians the mobility and flexibility
    to significantly increase their productivity
    and efficiency.
RackTrak Product Video

The RackStak® Combo


  • RackStak and RackTrak in one transporter device
  • Easily converts from the storage position to either the RackStak or RackTrak position
  • Can even be loaded as a RackStak and converted into a RackTrak without unloading the cartons
RackStak Combo Video



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