• Extremely well built, ratcheting compression tool • Every termination is absolute - the ratcheting action will not release until the connector is fully compressed • Works with all 21MM connectors • 2 threaded adapters that work with F / RCA / BNC • Works with RG-59, RG-6 & Mini Coax Cable • COMPRESSION CONNECTOR TOOLS • For use with Holland Electronics brand compression connectors as well as other compression connectors with a 21mm closure. Each tool utilizes a ratcheting mechanism that insures complete connector to cable termination. MCV - Multiple Cable Versions - fits most major cable brands including Plenum RG-6, RG-6, RG-59, Mini 23 & Mini 25 Our new MCV Universal Compression Connectors fit a wide variety of coaxial cables that vary in size between manufacturers. Some differences often include thickness of jacket or diameter of insulation depending on variance in materials used in the cable manufacturing process.

F/RCA/BNC Compression Tool *
  • Short Description: F/RCA/BNC Compression Tool *

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