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“The RackPack works great when pulling 2 or 3 runs and even better pulling 12 and using the cart.”

Robert Reavis, A Total Solution Inc

“In speaking with Tom (Soft Side Super) the RackPack system that we received from Windy City Wire is kicking some serious butt! Tom was a little skeptical at first given his 35 years in the trade and having seen stuff like this come and go. He has had the opportunity to use the RackPack and said WCW’s claim of 30% labor savings might be understated. Normally I would take this with a grain of salt but Tom knows his stuff more than most people I have met. I think we should give the RackPack set up serious consideration when doing jobs from here on out, and possibly in estimating jobs. If it can save us even 15% overall this will make us extremely competitive on cut over jobs and hard bid work. I have been working with Bill Stang on the wire needs for Santa Cruz and have gotten pricing back on wire and so far he has been right on line with the other vendors I got numbers from, and if he isn’t he has been more than willing to work with me.”

James Johnson, Project Manager, Sierra Detention Systems

“It was a pleasant surprise. I saved a lot of time setting up for different pulls.”

Fern Electrical Contracting

“The RackPack system has actually increased my speed to get set up, and most of all, my sanity is saved. Before the RackPack, I ordered my cables on a reel and it always came in a thin cardboard carton on a plastic frame. But only 1 out of 15 would work!  They broke easily in shipping and were also difficult to pick up because of the thin cardboard.

Placing them on my cart was the easiest way to set them up and roll them out. But the setup and tying
of the boxes to my scaffolding took time. And when the cable would not spin because of the busted reels,
I had to take it off the cart and out of the box to unroll it. This dragged me down horribly. The RackPack
box is rugged and the reels are supported by wood. I just pulled 20,000 feet of it last week and NOTHING hung up.

Another feature I found “par excellence” is the numbering system on the cable. The best thing I have ever seen is the “Used/Unused” number to tell how many feet are left on the roll. I don’t know how many times I started a run thinking it would reach and came up short, only to have to reaccomplish my work.

The new cart I received was much better than I could imagine with the RackPack boxes. It is 1/8 the size of my scaffold cart, and I do not need a truck to move it because it disassembles to a size that fits in a compact car back seat. I can stack 12 cases of cable on the cart and it glides effortlessly.

Plus, there are bars that pass through the reels and RackPack boxes perfectly to secure the cables to the cart. The casters on the cart are excellent and lock in place to make the cart immobile while pulling. What a godsend. The best part is: the cart is about 15” wide by 48” long and is easy to get out of the way in a hallway while running cable for someone to pass. Very easy to store … break it down and stand up in closet like an upright vacuum cleaner.”

Steve Endsley, Tri-State Computers

“My Technicians really like the RackPacks. For years all I heard was don’t buy boxes, buy spools. Now
they say only buy the RackPacks. Over all we really like the products and will continue to use them.”

G.J. Hopkins

“We used your RackPack and RackTrak solution on a fire alarm project last spring. It was a particularly challenging project due to the building construction. This building was a seven story building built in the late 1800's with multiple levels underground and the structure itself was very compartmentalized. We needed to move our pulling operations multiple times during each wire pull which would have cost us quite a bit of time the traditional way (picking up boxes and loading them onto carts to move them). With the RackPack solution from Windy City Wire, we were able to move our wire pulling operations very efficiently throughout the entire project which I estimate saved us approximately 100 hours on a 1500 hour project. It may not seem like a large amount of time saved, but it helped our project pick up about 3% margin on a small portion of the overall project. I have not personally ordered cable in any other way than the RackPack solution from Windy City Wire since this project was completed and intend to order this into the future.”

Al Rick, Project Manager, Specialty Systems - Faith Technologies, Inc.
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