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“The guys like the new product line. We will attempt to use on many more jobs in the future.”

AAA Systems

“We like the sturdiness of the RackPack boxes and SmartWire because it is an American-made product.”

Security Unlimited Professionals

“Just simply getting cable onto and off of the jobsite justifies the system.”

Preferred Mechanical Services

Dear Pat Bell and Windy City Wire -
I wanted to touch base with you concerning the new wire racks Windy City provided for us on our most recent large project. As we discussed at the onset of this project, this contract involves a large complex with multiple buildings and we are under a contractual agreement to complete our installation and programming of their security devices as quickly as possible. To that end, we first had to complete an extensive pre-wiring of a large portion of the complex and we were looking for the fastest and most cost effective means to accomplish this task before we could begin installing our equipment.
What we decided on was to deploy several electrical contracting teams to pre-wire multiple buildings concurrently, while we were still busy ordering and staging the rest of our equipment prior to installation. This presented another issue in that multiple wire runs would be necessary and we needed several new and innovative wire racks to assist our electricians in speeding up the wiring process. This is where Windy City came to our rescue by providing us with six new folding wire racks designed exclusively to support your innovative rack pack wire rolls.
I can assure you that with our need for speed and our desire to reduce both man hours and wire waste, this project was the acid test for your wire rack system. Although the initial reports were very good, I deliberately waited until we were several weeks into this project to see if any glitches in the system developed and none did. Our wiring teams have nothing but praise for your system and have stated that they have made several very long wire runs with as many as nine cables from a single rack and that the cables ran off as smoothly as possible with absolutely no tangles or delays.
At Integrated Security Holdings Group we pride ourselves on exceptional performance, no matter what obstacles we may face, and your new rack pack system has helped us to live up to that expectation. Our wiring teams, project managers and most importantly our customer are delighted with our performance and the speed in which we are bringing this project to completion.
Thank you personally for all your assistance with this project and keep up the great job you are doing. Suppliers like you behind the scene greatly increase our chances for success in the field. We are looking forward to doing a lot more business with you on future projects.

Chuck Thomas, General Manager, Integrated Security Holdings Group

“Windy City has proven to be very professional, delivers on time, order is always correct. I am very pleased with my decision to use Windy City Wire.”

Banner Security Systems Inc

“We love it!”

Fire Pro LLC
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