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“For the job at the US Marshal he told me it was going to take 3 people to pull the wire, but he was able to do it by himself using the RackTrak and it was 32 wires.”

Andrew P. Myers, National Accounts, Install Team Manager, ADT

 “I have not been to your website in a while and I am speechless at the advances your company has made in making cable pulling easier. I will definitely be calling you on the next large job we have so we can utilize your RackTrak/RackStak products. I think it is great to see a cable supplier going the extra mile and developing products like the RackTrak, RackStak and MegaPack to help the guys in the field and help companies as a whole save money and be more productive.

My hats off to you and your entire team!”

Brandon M Rebbe, President, ZRD Solutions, Inc.


Automated Life Inc

“It was a pleasure to use this product. Invest a few minutes on the front end to set up for installation and save ten times the labor involved. Less space is used for pulling and the installation is cleaner and smoother. I would highly recommend this system.”

HGL Systems

“We gave the RackTrak to one of our installation crews to test for us and offer feed back as to its ease of use and benefits. When the reports came back from our field personnel I was astounded. To date, on this one project, we have saved over 80 man hours of installation time and the project is about 80% complete. We are expecting over 100 mans hours of saved time once the project has been completed. Thanks to Windy City Wire for this unbelievable product. It has saved us on the installation time on 6 projects now and in this day and age, time is money and by saving money, it makes us more competitive in this market. I would recommend the RackPack system to anyone who does cabling and have already done so for our known associates.”

Lance Miller, Engineering Manager, Louisiana Controls, Inc.

“My crews are now looking forward to our next large pre-wire!”

Mark DeCiccio, President, Defined Entertainment Design Inc.
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