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“I wanted to share with you how pleased we are in using your “RackPack” systems for our cabling. Your recommendation to use these has been very well received.

There are several stand-out improvements that we have noticed in using the “RackPack” cable boxes. First, the boxes are much sturdier and don’t crumple or deform from being put in/out of the trucks & transported to the job sites - Or from initial delivery/shipping for that matter. Secondly, the smooth dispensing of the cable from the box has enabled us to put one man on a cable-pull job that used to require two - One to feed/untangle the “tangle-free” boxes and the other to pull. Now we’re able to have a single tech prep and pull the cable bundles by themselves.

This sing;e-installer idea was enhanced once we ordered and started using the “RackTrak”. Now numerous boxes can be loaded onto the “RackTrak” cart at the truck, wheeled into the job and we’re ready to start pulling. No more multiple trips back & forth to carry a few boxes of wire each time. Once we do start pulling, having all the boxes fastened together and secured to the “RackTrak” provides for a stable pulling platform - whether we’re pulling a single cable or a dozen.

Lastly, using your composite 4-element access control cable and having this “RackPack”ed has cut down on the mess sometimes experienced in pulling multiple cables to a single location. Then being able to load this onto the “RackTrak” and wheel from pull location to pull location with other “RackPack”ed cables in even more efficient. The jobs are neater and are able to be completed faster - All good things.

Keep up the good work and innovations - They are appreciated by the guys that have to get it all done.” Gregory Levorchick, Raptor Security, Inc.

“All of our security projects are done with Windy City Cable. The standard cable markings are outstanding but, the combo cable makes our life extremely easy. Because of our cable volume and your (Windy City Wire's) assistance, Windy City provided us with various types of cable carts to further facilitate our cable efforts. We won’t buy from anyone else!”

Joe Garcia, Western Region Construction Manager , i-Sys Corporation
“Windy City Wire’s ingenuity with the design of the RackPack box has significantly lowered our installation labor hours. I have seen many different types of boxes on the market, but have never seen a spool in a box that has side holes allowing you to slide a safety rod through the boxes effectively linking them together. This ability of aligning and linking boxes together allows us to get more cable in a more organized fashion on our RackTrak. When this is completed, my technicians are getting through cable pulls in less time. We recently completed the Marriott Marquis re-wire in Midtown Manhattan with approximately 1.5 million feet of cable in less than 2 1/2 months and would say that we cut our labor hours by about 20%.” Bill Petrouleas, President, Amp-Rite Electric, Inc.
“We have been using the RackPack system since Windy City Wire started offering it. We are well pleased with the system and how efficiently it works. The way the boxes of wire interconnected with each other, and how the wire pulls from them make installation much faster and smoother. Since this feature was introduced it has been greatly appreciated and used.” John Johnson, President, JBS - Johnson Brothers Service, Inc
“We are currently utilizing the RackPack, RackTrak and MegaPack products on a job for the Buffalo Public School system. We are contracted to install IP security cameras, card access as well as motion sensors and door contacts in over 50 school buildings throughout the city.

The SmartWire and RackTrak product allows us to stay mobile and organized within the buildings and during our travels between building. The two holes in the RackPack boxes allow us to lock in any quantity or type of wire and pull in whichever direction is best for the circumstance.

We utilize the MegaPack product to keep the card access installations simple. Our electricians no longer need to choose which boxes of wire are required for the door. The different wire types boxes are preassembled for connivence yet still able to be pulled independently.

We are pleased with the RackPack systems, the productivity it allows us to maintain, the prompt deliveries and also the customer service.” Charles E. Waston, Project Manager, Ferguson Electric Construction Co., Inc.

“I have worked with your products for years, but is wasn't until I owned my own business that I truly appreciated the value of your company. In addition to having product readily available on-the-shelf at very competitive prices, you recommended that I invest in a RackStak cart. On the very first job we put it to use on, it paid for itself with the amount of labor we saved from being able to pull multiple wire runs at one time easily and efficiently.

The exact words from my foreman on the job, when he returned to the shop that afternoon were: ‘I only want to see Windy City boxes of wire in our inventory from now on!’ ”

Jeff K, Managing Member - Custom Electric & Communications, LLC, Merrimack, NH - USA
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