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“We have been extremely happy with Windy City Wire’s RackPack box. The ability to use the box independently as a free spinning reel, that does not require a cart or any other device, allows for our crews to be able to install cable more efficiently. The cable in the box is released off the spool very effectively, thus allowing the technicians to concentrate on the cable pull itself instead of the management of the cable exiting the wire spools. The RackPack also allows our crews to move the boxes with ease, thanks to the sturdy construction of the box itself. Moving the wire is no longer a major task (up stairs, between narrow corridors, etc.) With the wire food markings in numerical order, the estimation of footages is no longer a problem. Being able to re-spool any extra wire back in to the box keeps the cable from being harmed and able to use on the next wire pull.

We used the RackPack Field System Solution at Brazos County Jail project in Bryan, Texas, and were actually able to make money on that job utilizing the RackPack system. The system installed was a Class “A” full conduit system. This type of installation can be very time consuming due to numerous pull junction boxes, conduit runs, and termination points. The RackPack system was a great asset in keeping our labor cost down while installing this complex system. While we frequently do use the boxes by themselves without the use of a cart, with this job we did utilize the RackStak Flip. We took advantage of being able to link multiple boxes together because of the side hole configuration, and were able to pull six cables straight up to a ceiling by the efforts of one technician. On this job we bid 8 hours of labor per box of cable, and actually averaged 6 hours of labor per box. The labor rate on our cable installation has consistently been 10%-20% less because of this great feature.

The RackPack is a tool that has greatly helped our installation methods with its effective design system and sturdy construction. We look forward to using the system on many more projects in the future with great results.” Mark Walker, Project Manager - Systems Division, Britt Rice Electric L.P.
“Just wanted to thank you for recommending your RackPack box product. I am usually a bit skeptical when it comes to new products, but this product really has exceeded my expectations. The RackPack box with it’s hole in the center and multiple knockouts have been essential in the success of many of my jobs. One job in particular where this system has been very successful is University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center. To date I have purchased over one million feet of wire packed in this product, substantial labor savings have resulted in its use.” Nathan Bowen, Project Manager - Environmental Controls Division, Dixon Electrical Systems & Contracting Inc.
"I wanted to pass on the feedback about the Windy City Wire cabling system.

As you know, we started pulling cable last Friday on a security project in a Labs building at a large University, which includes mainly CCTV cameras with a few access control points. This is a very large, newly completed facility with difficult cabling conditions. Requiring one level five technician and two level one technicians. Upon arrival, we were able to have one of the technicians transport 20k feet cable from the truck to the building in one trip, effectively reducing this task by 75%.

We had the technician load the cart in the manner in which the cable would be pulled, eliminate the set up time. We simply wheeled the card to the location where the pull was going to start and were ready to pull.

Setup and break down to move to new pull locations, or at the end of the day, is as easy as taping the individual cable bundles together, cutting the wires and wheeling the cart to the next location. I would estimate savings on this task as high as 75% as well.

The fact that spools all rotate on their own independent axels negates need for anyone to be at the rack, managing the spools for tangles, caused by one spool spinning faster that others and piling cable on the floor. Because of this fact alone, two guys using this system can accomplish the work of three using traditional methods.

The built-in measuring tape has two advantages over non-labeled cable, we can make sure we have enough cable on the spool to make it to the desired location,and we can give definitive feed back to the sale/estimator team regarding their estimation of cable quantities. We often go over budget on cable and this can help us to pinpoint quantities, especially in situations where we have the opportunity to recover costs.

I’ll be honest, when I saw the cart, I didn’t have high hopes of substantial savings, but this thing is great! I think I’ll have a hard time getting it back from my crew.” Mark Derby, Senior Project Manager, Siemens
“The things our people have mostly commented about the RackPack solution is:
  • The ability to secure many types of wire needed to complete wire pulls of various disciplines concurrently.
  • It gives the ability to secure multiple boxes of cable on a cart to transport and to facilitate wire pulling more ergonomically, saving time and effort.
  • The manner the cable is on the spools and suspended in the box works as good as an axle without an axle, giving the ability to set a single box in a small area and pull off with little effort and no fear of tip over or box movement.
  • The cable being wrap on a spool also prevents the common problem of standard boxed cable of getting loops or twisting in the cable during a pull, this is a great improvement if you ever have the need to go back and pull additional cables in the same raceway or other cable management solution.
I am sure there may be other benefits as well, the ones I listed are the ones I am aware of that save project time and cost as well as a superior installation.

Thank you for the great product!” Brady Young, Operations Manager - Special Projects Group, Wellington Power Corporation
“We have been using the RackPack boxes since Windy City Wire first introduced them to our Project Managers. Just by adding holes on the side of their packaging has impacted the way we set up our installations in many different ways. I wish we would have had this in our hands sooner. We have reduced our set up significantly. By linking the boxers together on their transport devices, we are able to move 12-15 boxes of cable at once. We have been able to anchor boxes together to create the mass needed to keep our cable pulls stabilized. We no longer need a second technician to feed the material out of the boxes. Before using the RackPack System, we would use conventional boxes or reels from other suppliers. Our technicians would complain about the tangling of boxes or the inconvenience of spools. With the RackPacks having a hole on the side, we get the pull of the spool with the convenience of a box.” Dustin Sadler, ADT Installation Team Manager, ADT - Tyco, Fire & Security
“Windy City Wire has come together with the perfect combination of transporting and dispensing single, double, and multiple cables pulling for our HVAC Controls Company. The special packaging and totes/carts have given us the ability to pull multiple types wire at the same time, which has increased productivity and efficiency for Automatic Controls Engineering.

While we have always been impress with the quality and labeling of your cable, the transition from your RIB (reel-in-the-box) packaging to you RackPack system has revolutionized our trade and earned the respect and thanks of our CWA Cable Installers and IBEW Electricians.

Your individual boxes of cable has and internal cable reel for dispensing wire to eliminate twists, fish eyes, and kinking as well as your unique design to be able to group multiple boxes together, using your accessible hole in the packaging to insert your RackPack tote or cart bar/rod without removing the reels from the packaging is the genius behind this efficiency.

Job well done!” Terry Crowder, Operations Manager, Automatic Controls Engineering Corporation
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