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“The benefit of the cart, (although it takes a small amount of time to set it up with the wire) is that the wire cart creates the ability to relocate the wire with ease in an organized manor. In the construction industry you are frequently adjusting to work around other trades. The cart having wheels, you can easily adjust without having to break down the boxes and risk confusing the cable ID's you have written on the boxes. The cart creates a professional, organized system, which reduces the risk of error, which in the end reduces any and all wire troubleshooting time and reduces risk of damaging equipment on power up. Another benefit is that at the end of the day you can roll the cart to a secure closet with one man in one trip, rather than carrying boxes individually. The cart saves time by reducing the risk of error, and saves transporting time and mobility. The only thing I can think of to improve it is if there were a ring welded on it/ as well as the handle so it can be chained up on a jobsite. Great Cart. A+++”

Adam Cosenza, Speed Wire
“Hats off to the RackPack cartons!

What makes Windy City Wire’s packaging unique & different from any other I have seen in the past, is the addition of center alignment hole in the RackPack carton, which enables them to be easily linked together & when used with their RackTrak or RackStak carts. The cart’s rack rods, which do not actually support the weight of the cable, like a standard reel cart, do hold all the RackPacks tightly together for safety, during transport & the cable pulling process.” Brian DeGuevara, President, Highpower Electric Inc.
“I am writing to let you know how happy we have been at TBS since we switched to using your wire packaged in the RackPack boxes. Since we have been using your “system” of combining the RackPack boxes with the center hole to feed the wire we feel we have reduced our installation labor by 15%. Much of this savings come from the fact that we do not need and extra employee babysitting the wire to prevent it from tangling.

With using this system for pulling almost a million feet of wire we would not want to go back to using standard packaging.

Thanks, for developing a great product!” Gerald F. Jannicelli, President, Technical Building Services
“By utilizing the holes in the side of the box we are able to securely put multiple RackPacks on one cart, which makes cable installation and job site transportation extremely more efficient. Thank you for this great product!” Nathan Roark, Operations Manager, Apollo Security Group, Inc
“This was our first installation utilizing Windy City Wire’s RackPack Field Systems Solution. After engineering approved the specifications WCW provided a custom bundle (what they call “Skip Wrap”) to create a 3-cable bundle versus using a composite cable (there was no lead time or minimum for the Skip Wrap.) The cost of the cable was reduced by almost 40%. The Skip Wrap was delivered in a RackPack box which fit into a 4-wheeled cart (RackTrak) which allowed our tech, Tom Kestel, to lock all the cable into place and move efficiently without having to constantly move boxes of cable. The four caster wheels locked which created a wall of cable. The RackPack design allowed the cable to pull freely and easily without knotting or tangling. Tom used the 2-wheel cart (RackStak) to load boxes of the bundled cable into the cart, lock it into place and move from pull location to pull location. Tom said it worked “Fantastic” and “There was no set up time between pulls. I just rolled it into a room and started pulling cable”. Tom installed cable by himself instead of having a 2-man crew which was the previous method used. The building at Wheaton College is a 4-story building in which the job was pulled by one person. The ability to have Tom move 3,000’ of cable by himself without having to set up and break down the cable at each location saved him substantial time on the install.” Rich Hergott, Project Manager, AVI-SPL
“We are able to deploy Windy City Wire’s cable management system at Elmhurst Hospital. All of the boxes were able to be ganged together by utilizing the side hole design. This design gave us the ability to gang together multiple types of cable which has never been possible before. This allowed for a much more efficient and safer installation because one technician was able to stage, move, & install cable himself. The RackPack allowed cable to pull freely without having a second technician at the cable set up. This would have not been possible with standard boxes, which cannot be linked together.

We were also able to use the solution installing at a chain of retail auto part stores. By locking several types of cable together one tech was able to go to each store and move and install by themselves. Each box being the same height and depth allowing the use of the use of the side hole proves extremely helpful. This was done at over 30 stores in the Midwest. Thank you for coming up with a cabling system where we can save time and resources in a safe manner.” Michael Smith, Vice President - Special Systems Division, Rex Electric & Technologies, LLC
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