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“Keep up the innovation!”

SoCal Smart Home

“I am very pleased with the overall rack pack system. Great Job!”

Class 1 Controls Inc.

“RackPacks are the way to go. Will not allow spooled cables onsite after using the RackPacks.
We pull 200,000 + feet of wire annually, all RackPacked!”

Eire Electric

“My crews are now looking forward to our next large pre-wire! First use of the product and I am very pleased.”

Ron Rice, San Antonio Control Systems

“We have used Windy City Wire for over 2 years now, not one order has been the wrong color, boxes instead of reels or messing up spool types. Wire arrives on time on organized pallets properly labeled.
We have used Liberty and other companies and Windy City Wire has their stuff together.
Highly recommended!”

Shawn Hansson, Logic Integration

“We recently purchased the full wire pulling cart to go with the RackPack system. We used it for the first time on BHT Beloit and then on BHT in Janesville. Both of these jobs had large quanties of cable to pull in the same direction.

Our two guys on these jobs, (I guess you could refer to them as the Mikey twins, neither one likes anything new.) Well both of them came up after the first pull and sang the praises of that cart. We have been using your older combination shop cart with the bars that fold up. Not nearly as easy to use as the wire cart was.

As I said on the phone, both Jim and I (and all of the guys in the field) are very happy with the "RackPack" approach. It makes our jobs simpler and saves us on labor. We can buy cable for less, but it's a very false savings, because we burn it up in the extra labor and then some. We are believers and look forward to continuing to work with you and your firm.”

Chuck Eisenbart, Sales Engineer/Project Mgr., Control Solutions Inc.
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