Windy City Wire "Takes on the Mega Home"


Bolingbrook, IL (December 26th, 2006) – Windy City Wire and the SmartWire System Design Tool are recognized for “revolutionizing the industry” as they “Take on the Mega Home,” in the December 2006 issue of Security Dealer Magazine.

Windy City Wire was responsible for organizing the installation in a 16,000 plus sq. foot home in a Chicagoland Suburb, the article states. This residential install required the convergence of security and home automation systems. Music in Motion, a home automation integrator, and F.E. Morgan, an access control integrator, worked hand in hand to establish a clean, neat and organized job with the help of SmartWire and the SmartWire System Design Tool.

Over one hundred thousand feet of cable and over 20 devices, applications and locations were involved with this installation, which was the reason SmartWire and the SmartWire System Design Tool were needed, the article explains. Smartwire is the “all encompassing” cable that has the features of a tape measure, toner, tester and a label maker. The SmartWire System Design Tool allows for one person to design and create a low-voltage installation scheme in minutes saving their organization time and money.


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