Unique Sound/Intercom Cables at Windy City Wire


Windy City Wire offers “one of a kind” Sound Intercom Cables with unique identification methods that can be customized for the integrator. Installers are able to identify rooms, floors, devices and applications with a glance at the cable. The unique cable features result in a reduction of labor time in locating and terminating cables. All SmartWire™ products at Windy City Wire come standard with an Alpha-Numeric Coding system, a System Specific Print Legend, and multiple stripe colors for easy identification of rooms, devices and applications. SmartWire also comeswith standard features such as a ripcord, which helps to strip the jacket, and Ascending/Descending Sequential Foot Markers, which enables integrators to always know exactly how much wire has been used and what is left. The cables are available in multiple constructions ranging from 20-22 AWG.

The Sound Intercom Cables are commonly used in schools and other multi-room facilities. Since many other low-voltage systems are installed in these large facilities (i.e. fire alarm, temperature control, and security) it is important that the systems cab be easily identified. Service calls, for example, are more productive and less timely if the integrator can easily identify locations and applications. The SmartWire Sound Intercom Cables at Windy City Wire are commonly used with Dukane, Rauland and many other intercom systems.


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